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R. Kolm, Los Altos

Thank you for transforming my front yard into a beautiful, balanced, easy-to-maintain yard! The design turned out better than I imagined. Your plant expertise took into consideration the combination of colors, the placement, the season for foliage, the heights and widths of the plants, the consistency of having a balanced walkway, and so many other details that I appreciated. You listened to my needs and provided several ideas for me. I valued the time you took to oversee the plant selection and placement in my yard. All the plants were healthy and placed precisely to your design. It was a pleasure working with you.
Sophie's Garden Design Testimonials
What I enjoy most about my business is taking the time to understand the unique needs of each of my clients and designing custom solutions that exceed expectations. I make every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

I am proud to share these testimonials from my clients:
I do a lot of research and investigating before I make most decisions, so before choosing Sophie Fitch to do my landscaping I had already spoken to four or five landscapers. I just did not feel I had found the right person and when a friend invited me over to see what Sophie had done with her garden and talked to me about Sophie I made an appointment. Right away I felt very comfortable with her right and liked her ideas. I still asked for other references and all were very satisfied. In addition I drove by their homes to look over their gardens. 

Sophie is easy to work with and wants to work with your ideas not just hers, explains things clearly and wants to make sure things are done correctly and to your satisfaction. When the plants were being placed, Sophie was right there moving the plants around and always asking what I liked. She did not hesitate asking the gardeners to take plants out and replant them in another spot if she was not happy with the placement the first time. Even after the job was completed, she continues to be interested in the garden and wants to make sure the plants are doing well. An example of this is on Thanksgiving she happened to be walking her dog by my house and saw me outside. She asked if she could look around and started moving potted plants because she felt they looked better in different locations and she was right with the new placement.

I have not been interested in doing much work in the garden and my garden was long overdue for a makeover. All that changed after Sophie did her magic. To my surprise I am enjoying being out in the garden and watching how things grow and change and even am beginning to like pulling weeds! I have a big redwood tree in the back and that causes a problem for getting plants to grow under and near it but Sophie has put just the right plants by the tree and now the back garden has such a peaceful feeling. Sophie stops by from time to time to give me pointers on what I need to do. It is a pleasure to open the drapes each morning and see the beautiful garden I now have. In addition people walking by stop and compliment me on the lovely garden. I can recommend Sophie Fitch without any reservations.
V. Breuer, Redwood City
When Sophie first began to transform my backyard garden, the potential of my backyard sanctuary began to become obvious to me. Sophie observed the remnants of years of my own experimentation. I was always trying to find the right plants for my gentle slope. Some plants seemed to work for a time and then became overgrown or unsuccessful.

Once Sophie began her design and made suggestions, I was hopeful that all would soon change. She picked out the plants personally and placed them herself – with a definite pattern that was delightful almost immediately after the planting was complete. I have large window views of my backyard and I remember calling Sophie and telling how great the view was from each window!

I continued to work with Sophie over a period of several months. Once the slope was complete, I then wanted to make more improvements – adding a patio and lovely walkway – replacing the old cement sidewalk that had been right next to the house.

Sophie’s suggestions were always perfect and my backyard is now a peaceful sanctuary. I have large vegetable planters (redwood boxes open to the ground below) that Sophie worked around and they are now an enhancement to the sunny side of my house. An arbor with morning glories serves as a “gate” to the patio area.

I had asked for Sophie’s suggestions for improving the front yard, as well. Recently, she suggested the removal of some overgrown shrubs and the new plants that she placed leave a more open and graceful walk to my front door.

I have recommended Sophie to friends and neighbors – many have been impressed with her work in improving my home environs. They have all been pleased with her wonderful sense of garden design, her dependability, and her follow-through. I am completely happy with all of Sophie’s work and I like to think of her as Garden Designer Extraordinaire. I recommend her to you with confidence that you will be as pleased with her great work as I am.
L. Peterson, Belmont
Sophie transformed our front and back yard to welcoming retreats. We recently had a large party in our backyard for our daughter’s high school graduation and everyone commented on how beautiful our backyard looked.

Sophie worked with us to insure that what we wanted to achieve was accomplished on time and within our budget. She analyzes your yard and space and designs a plan that accomplishes your objectives and enhances the value of your home. We love the welcoming feeling we have now accomplished in both the front and back.

I have referred Sophie to a number of my friends, neighbors and family. Everyone has been very pleased with her work.

I recommend Sophie highly!
L. Nelson, San Carlos
We called Sophie to help us pick out the right types of plants for our yard. We had a few plants that she kept and worked with but our yard needed a lot of TLC. Sophie transformed our backyard into our own little oasis. She worked with us to try and determine what look we were hoping to achieve. She doesn't just produce the same look over and over again, Sophie creates wonders specific to your actual yard and helps bring in things pleasing to the owners. She really knows her plants, what works well in various conditions and she came up with ideas we never could have dreamed up on our own! Sophie does a fabulous job with all the fine details too, like pots and all the extra finishing touches. We recommend Sophie to work her magic in your yard too!
D. Fiore, San Carlos